Following the 2016 guangzhou exhibition and 2017 Beijing station, Inter Lubric China2018 returned to Shanghai. On November 7-9, 2018, the 19th inter-lubric China international lubricating oil products and application technology exhibition will be held in Shanghai new international expo center, providing a one-stop procurement and technology exchange platform for lubricants circulation and manufacturing professionals.
In order to provide better viewing experience and more convenient admission, the exhibition will open the pre-registration platform of official website and official WeChat public account. Next, a yuan will provide you with the detailed pre-registration graphic instructions, easy to complete online pre-registration!

WeChat / pre-registered collection

1. Pre-register the qr code at the end of the identification document

2. Click the end of the article to read the original text

3、Click on the right side of the WeChat menu bar to register

Either of the above methods will appear in the following pre-registration homepage

Pre-registration page
Intel Lubric China 2018

Two methods of pre-registration:

1  No calling card method
2  Business card method

If you have a business card, you can choose to upload your personal information by “taking a business card”. Other friends can choose “no business card” to fill in the next step

No business card registration page, enter personal information

Business card registration, mobile phone photography business card,
Wait for background identification information

Pre-register the audience in advance, bid farewell to the long queue and participate in the exhibition easily
A confirmation message will also be sent to the pre-registered mobile phone number.
Please keep this confirmation code for the duration of the exhibition
Pre-register the audience channel at the exhibition site in exchange for a badge

Web site / Pre-register collection

Click search (website) the 19th lubricating oil 2018 – “I want to visit” click on the home page to fill out the information to complete the registration, receive mail receipt and text messages (including registration number) to the exhibition site and for visiting card

Visit the pre-registration page, marked red for required information

Don’t forget to click submit at the bottom of the page!!!

19th China international lubricants
And the application technology exhibition:

18 years of successful history, accumulated:
25,000+ domestic and foreign exhibitors, the highest participation
More than 150,000 square meters of display scale, the largest industry scale
More than 200,000 professional buyers at home and abroad with the highest international level
120+ professional buyers at home and abroad with the strongest professional degree


Dedicated to lubrication, the recognized lubrication circle top procurement platform

Inter Lubric China is an industry recognized wind indicator for the lubricating oil industry. It brings together top experts and top brands at home and abroad to carry the upstream and downstream industrial chain integrating materials, manufacturing and finished oil. It is the most authoritative, large-scale and international professional brand exhibition in the industry.
Diversified publicity to enhance the exposure of inter-lubric China’s brands in the industry to various associations and social media channels at home and abroad, and to strengthen the promotion of excellent brands; Thousands of people scale lubricant distributor elite group on-site visit, to assist enterprises and target buyers to establish contact.

Organizer: Shanghai international exhibition center co. LTD
Address: 11th floor, 55 loushanguan road, Shanghai (200336)
Contact person: miss Lin qingqing, miss guo yuting, miss cao lina, miss gu yuan, Mr. Liu jun
Telephone: 021-62952022,021-62951239 021-62951395,021-62952132 021-62953731   FAX: + 86-21-62780038