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Shanghai fima automatic control packaging machinery co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer integrating design, development, manufacture and sales of “PPA oil production process automatic control (PPA) system”, “PAB automatic control system” and “automatic filling, packing and stacking assembly line”.

According to the production characteristics and process requirements of the lubricating oil industry, feimar can provide a series of “turnkey projects” including process design, plant construction, complete assembly of automatic control system in production process, manufacturing of filling, packing and stacking pipeline, installation and debugging training of equipment, etc. According to customer’s various control requirements of manufacturing, m company adopts the international leading American “DELL (DELL)” advanced industrial control computer, Germany “SIEMENS (SIEMENS)” “programmable logic controller (PLC)” and “interface controller (PMI) man-machine interaction”, “tailor-made” for the customer the best cost performance “lubricating oil production process automatic control system”, “pulse pneumatic blending control system” and “filling – packing – palletizing automatic assembly line.

For 30 years, m company applied in the production process automatic control and packaging machinery field accumulated practical experience, with strong scientific research strength and the perfect pursuit of high quality, combined with the actual production situation and process characteristics of lubricating oil industry, designed and developed a series of according to different products and different user requirements, high performance, high reliability of intelligent equipment. Among these devices, feimar adopts high performance color image control center and advanced configuration software from abroad. Perfect control software and operating software with independent property rights are developed. Equipped with excellent performance, reliable and durable foreign famous brand manufacturers of electronic components and pneumatic components. Make the whole production process automatic control (PPA) system, pulsed pneumatic blending (PAB) system and automatic filling, packing and stacking pipeline design advanced, reasonable configuration, stable quality and superior performance, with leading water products at home and abroad. In the research of production process control, blending, mixing, mixing and packaging technology, feimar attaches importance to research and development, has accumulated rich technological knowledge and on-site production experience, and has a strong ability of process design, product research, development and manufacturing. As the vice President unit of “China lube oil association”, feimar company focuses on reducing energy consumption, improving production efficiency, reducing production cost, improving product quality and making users get rich returns in the spirit of being conscientious and responsible to customers. Feimar attaches great importance to product quality and has a firm and clear quality concept. It never ignores any link in product quality.

Fima company is composed of senior experts and engineers who have been engaged in automatic control of production process and packaging machinery design for a long time. They are engaged in research and development, design, programming, manufacturing, complete sets, assembly, debugging and maintenance services respectively, forming a high-quality, professional and highly innovative team. As an automatic control and packaging machinery company with the leading technology level in China, feimar keeps improving its technology, innovation ability and professional management level with the aim of “professional, persistent, honest and innovative”. The professional spirit of high quality employees is embodied in the development of each set of equipment and the fast and thoughtful technical service. We will integrate the latest technology into the equipment at the first time, and seek the best combination point between technology and production, and constantly optimize the scientific research environment so as to obtain a broader space for technological development.

Since its establishment, the company has designed, developed, completed and manufactured more than 50 sets of “PPA production process automatic control (PPA) system”, “pulse pneumatic blending (PAB) automatic control system” up to more than 500 sets, and “automatic filling, packing and stacking pipeline” up to more than 2,000 sets. These automatic control systems and production lines are not only used for the super-large enterprises invested by transnational oil companies in China. China national petroleum corporation, China petrochemical corporation and China national shipbuilding & combustion corporation; Also used in hundreds of private middle and small lubricating oil production enterprises.

In the future, fima will continue to achieve deeper cooperation with new and old customers with leading technology, high quality products, considerate service and good reputation.

Automatic production process control system

Intelligent pulse pneumatic mixing and stirring control, automatic selection and switching control of process pipeline, automatic metering control of incoming and outgoing materials, automatic metering and loading and unloading control, automatic control and monitoring of production process temperature, pressure, flow and liquid level. Production process equipment automatic operation control, production process record preservation, product formulation management, remote networking communication.

Automatic filling and packing line

Automatic metering and filling machine, capping/capping machine, automatic revolving cover machine, automatic capping machine, automatic electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, automatic opening/packing/sealing machine, automatic stacking machine

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19th China International Lubricants and the Application Technology Exhibition:

Inter Lubric China international lubricants and application technology exhibition is the most authoritative, large-scale and international professional brand exhibition in China’s lubricants industry. The organizers are China petrochemical lubricants corporation, China petroleum lubricants corporation and Shanghai branch of China council for the promotion of international trade. In Shanghai, guangzhou and Beijing, the exhibition has been on tour for 18 years.

25,000+ domestic and foreign lubricant-related brand enterprises to participate in the exhibition
150,000+square meters of exhibition scale
200,000+ professional sellers at home and abroad
120+ various professional conferences

  • Dedicated to lubrication, the recognized lubrication circle of the top exchange platform

Intel Lubric China are recognized as lubricating oil industry bellwether industry, top experts from home and abroad, and top brands, is the biggest and most authoritative industry history, scale, international, professional brand exhibition.

  • Unicom channels, the industry’s largest distribution agent trade network

Inter Lubric China focuses on helping enterprises to develop and explore dealer channels and expand potential partners. Through a series of exciting activities and professional training, and providing  eating, living, traffic one-stop services for free to attract quality sales agents industry resources, to build efficient professional commercial bridge between enterprises and channels

  • Promote advantages through trade and integrate the big data resources of exhibitors and visitors within the system

Under the jurisdiction of the China council for the promotion of international trade Shanghai branch, has the world’s largest auto exhibition in Shanghai, China international exhibition on die & mould technology and equipment, China international exhibition of auto parts, manufacturing equipment and after-sales service, car networking and intelligent transportation exhibition, and many other leading exhibition sharing data resources.

  • Exhibition linkage, the concentration of application industry traders and users

In 2018, Intel Lubric China in Shanghai new international expo center, will be in the same period four linkage, the exhibition sharing from orbit transportation exhibition, exhibition of tunnel engineering, ship exhibition, exhibition of drive four application industry circulation enterprises and user audience.

Organizer: Shanghai international exhibition center co. LTD
Address: 11th floor, 55 loushanguan road, Shanghai (200336)
Contact person: miss Lin qing qing, miss guo yuting, miss cao lina, miss gu yuan, Mr. Liu jun

Telephone: 021-62952005,021-62951239 021-62951395,021-62952132 021-62953731  Fax :021-62780038