Why Exhibit Inter Lubric China 2023

One of the largest dedicated industrial lubricants exhibitions in the world, InterLubric and the Metalworking Fluids & Surface Cleaning (MWF&SC) Exhibition is the main portal into China’s industrial lubrication and cleaning sectors, having established its reputation over the last 20 years. In 2023, the 22nd Inter Lubric China and MWF&SC Exhibition will be held from June 29th to July 1st Hall W3, Shanghai NewInternational Expo Center.

Summing up 2000-2022:

  • 3,500+ Global Brands
  • 180,000+ Square-meter in Sale
  • 200,000+ Domestic and Foreign Buyers
  • 140+ Professional Conference and Seminars

Focusing in lubrication, a recognized top communication platform

The show is a globally recognized trade communication platform, providing a focal point for the lubricants industry for over 20 years. As the core annual gathering of China’s lubricants industry, the show brings together well-known industry brands, involving leading businesses from across its sectors and providing the space for the active participation of industry leaders from throughout China and around the world. Building on its undisputed reputation as a multi-purposed industry platform, our experienced team offers a comprehensive events framework for executive and technical dialogue on industry knowledge exchange, technological development, trade promotion, and business negotiation, as well as a growing programme of professional industry training and consultation services.

Connecting channels, the largest trade network of distribution agents in the industry

Connecting businesses for 21 years, we offer access to the largest industry trade network of distribution agents and dealers in China.

Inter-Lubric China specializes in helping enterprises to open up and tap into distribution agent channels, broadening their reach and expanding their business partnerships. Through a plethora of innovative activities, professional training resources and one-stop engagement services that bring in high-quality distributors, dealers and sales agents, we provide an effective bridge between differing grades of enterprise, supply chains and distribution channels.

CCPIT advantage, an integration of system with large exhibitors and audience data resources.

With backing extending beyond the industry, we harness our extensive connections and experience for your benefit.

With 21 years’of deep industry relations to draw on under the auspices of powerful supporters, we have the diverse data resources of many first-class exhibitions at our disposal. This includes the largest automobile show in the world, Auto China, as well as the Mobile & Mobility Show, Die & Mould China, the Shanghai International Green & Auto Show and others.

Pluralisticcomprehensiveonline & off-line promotion platform and channel.

Wechat: 50,000 industry subscribers 

Media cooperation: long-term cooperation with more than 70 domestic and foreign business magazines and websites. 

The global information network: cooperation with many international news agencies 

Off-line activities: holding free lubricating salons and other industry related activities 

Local promotion: brand promotion in automobile spare-parts center and 4S shops 

Personalized publicity scheme: tailored effective propaganda plan combined with your brand positioning and promotional needs 

EDM: sent to the domestic and foreign audiences monthly, delivering the latest show updates 

Tailored invitations: direct mail to domestic audience, warm-up in advance 

Website: annual advertising opportunities, online exhibition platform available

2019 Remarks:

“We are very happy to be here. Inter-Lubric China, as one of Exxonmobil’s global major events, we are very proud to present our chemical products as it is our focus to promote them in the Asia-Pacific and China. Our overall impression is that the event is well organized and all industry players are here, so we also have the booth to present during this significant time.”

——  Exxonmobil

“I feel that Inter-Lubric China has become more and more successful and an industry event for the whole world. The exhibition is very helpful to companies in the industry, and it is also a very good platform for peers to communicate. I hope it will be more and more successful.”

——  NACO

“I sincerely thank the organizers of Inter-Lubric China for providing Solvay with such an excellent display platform that will allow Solvay to showcase the latest achievements in this industry and allow us to communicate with our industry peers. The show provided us with a very good opportunity.”

——  Solvay

“I think the show is very good. This show can be displayed to partners or to consumers for any brand. Therefore, for us, we are willing to bring the latest products. Through Inter-Lubric China, our partners and consumers can know more about our products, conduct technical discussions, and upgrade their products in time.”

——  Jama