In 1998, a world-class lubricating oil brand made its debut in the World Cup. After 20 years, another lubricating oil giant parachuted into the World Cup, becoming the only lubricating oil brand in the World Cup in 2018.
The 2018 World Cup held in Russia, this is the first time that the eastern European countries to undertake the world soccer’s top events, Russia is honoured, have to mention that often appear in the game, a brilliant pressure the global well-known logo of blue flame!

This is the location of the FIFA official strategic partner, only seven of the global quota, VISA, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, adidas, impressively in the column, it can be one among them and at the top of head, who is it anyway?
The blue flame sweeping the field is the world’s biggest energy company, gazprom, the world’s largest gas company.

FIFA President Joseph blatter and gazprom President alexei miller
Signed for the 2018 World Cup

Gazprom is at the luzhniki stadium, the main venue of the World Cup
Special VIP guest room

It is reported that Russia’s gas industry co., LTD. Is a global energy company headquartered in Moscow, the former Soviet union is natural gas industry, prominent in the Russian economy, Russia’s international mass media referred to as the Russian economy, producing over 8% of the Russian industrial production, to ensure the 25% of the national budget, at the same time control the 65% and 20% of the world’s natural gas reserves in Russia.
In 2017 by the famous international market intelligence agency platts energy released 2017 annual “platts” top 250 global energy companies list, gazprom, the international energy giant, the pressure won the first throne, strength is evident. The company owns two big oil brand, are aimed at mass markets Gazpromneft Russian gas (gazprom) and G – targeting high-end market Energy gian chi, products are exported to 73 countries around the world, is famous in the world.

For a long time, gazprom has been linked with sports, insisting on trying different forms of sports marketing and sharing high-quality lubricants with consumers around the world. In addition to combining the Russia’s World Cup, gazprom strongly sponsored many of the world’s top events, such as the silk road and the area along the cross-country rally chief official sponsors, successive Dakar rally in oil, the formula one world championship F1 competition sponsorship, etc., with its superior performance, has won success, for the team. Through the testing of product quality in the off-road sports competition with bad environment, continuous improvement of production technology and technical formula, keep improving, and achieve good performance in the field of automotive lubricants.

With the help of the World Cup, it is believed that gazprom will seize the opportunity and give full play to its advantages to further expand the international sector and enhance its global influence. At present, two major lubricating oil brands under gazprom group, gazprom group and ji ‘anchi group have entered the Chinese market in a strong way, sharing a feast of original imported lubricating oil with consumers!