Hunan jinqiao chemical co., LTD. —— a professional color supplier

A professional car maintenance supplies color suppliers, professional supply antifreeze pigment dyes, cutting fluid, oil fluorescence leak detection pigment, glass pigment, water tank, transmission of liquid oil soluble dyes, pigment coloring pigment, pigment, grease lubricating oil dye varieties are mostly independent import and now at home and abroad to provide color services more than two thousand manufacturing enterprises.

Zibo huihua petroleum additive co. LTD——Exquisiting Because Of The Professional , Understanding Because Of AdvocIating Integrity  .

Zibo got oil additive co., LTD., founded in 1998, was first established on the basis of zibo chemical joint-stock company, is specialized in the production of lubricating oil additive manufacturers, sinopec petrochemical research institute is accepting unit, industrial oil compound technology is China petrochemical, China oil additive level of suppliers.