Inter Lubric China 2023 , MWF&SC 2023

The 22nd China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition

China International Metalworking Fluids and Surface Cleaning Technology Exhibition

The Weathervane of Asia’s Industrial Lubricant, Metalworking Fluid & Surface Cleaning Industries

One of the largest dedicated industrial lubricants exhibitions in the world, InterLubric and the Metalworking Fluids & Surface Cleaning (MWF&SC) Expo is the main portal into China’s industrial lubrication and cleaning sectors, having established its reputation over the last 20 years. In 2022, the 22nd Inter Lubric China and MWF&SC Expo will be held from Dec 6 to 8, at Hall 2, Nanjing International Exhibition Center .

The show is a globally renowned industry event that provides an all-inclusive communications platform for business development and technical exchange for lubricant and metalworking fluid producers, manufacturers, distributors and end users.

Summing up 2000-2021:

  • 3,500+ Participating Global Brands
  • 180,000+ Square-meters in Total Booth Displays
  • 200,000+ Domestic and Foreign Buyers Attending
  • 150+ Professional Conference and Seminar Events Held

Greasing the Wheels of China’s Industrial Lubrication Market for 21 Years!

InterLubric & MWF&SC Expo provide industry professionals with a one-stop face-to-face communications hub that covers the entirety of the lubricant, metalworking fluid and surface cleaner supply chains.

The show is China’s foremost annual gathering of industrial lubricant, metalworking fluid and surface cleaning industry professionals, bringing together well-known industry brands and leading businesses from across all sectors. We provide industry leaders and influencers from throughout China and around the world with the opportunity to actively network and engage with one another.

Smoothing the Way for Businesses Entering China for 21 Years!

InterLubric & MWF&SC Expo offer access to the largest lubricants industry trade network of distribution agents and dealers in the country. We specialize in assisting enterprises getting started in China to tap into and open up their distribution agent channels, broaden their product reach and expand their business partnerships.

Through a host of established forums and innovative activities, professional industry training resources and targeted engagement services, we bring in high-quality distributors, dealers and sales agents, and provide a vibrant and proactive space for effective networking and business development for the various grades of enterprises and organizations looking to do business here.

Channeling the Flow of Industry for 21 years!

InterLubric & MWF&SC Expo unceasingly seeks out the technological frontiers and market hotspots.

Built on our influential reputation as a high-grade comprehensive industry platform, our experienced team offers a complete, multi-purpose events framework for executive and technical dialogue, as well as a respected program of professional industry training and consultation services. We create the space for active discussion within the industry aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange, technological development, trade relations, and business cooperation. Our flagship events are:

*The 13th China International Lubricants, Base Oils & Additives Conference

*The 7th China International Metalworking Fluids & Surface Technology Development Summit

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SINOPEC Lubricant Company Limited


PetroChina Lubricant Company


Council for the Promotion of International Trade Shanghai

Executive Organizer


Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co., Ltd



Shanghai Lubricant Trade Association

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Lube Focus

Exhibits Profile

Automotive Lubricant & Maintenance Products

(Engine Oils, Antifreeze Solutions, Brake Oils/Fluids, Coolants, Antifriction Oils, Cleaning Liquids, Lubricant Greases, Fuel Additives, Other Automotive Chemical Products)

Industrial Lubricating Oil / Grease

(Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils, Compressor Oils, Vacuum-Pump Oils, Conduction Oils, Electrical Appliance Oils, Rubber Oils, Food Grade & Cosmetic Oils, Metal Refining & Machine Oils)

Metalworking Fluids & Antirust Oils, Surface Cleaning Solutions 

(Cutting Fluids, Quenching Fluids, Die-Casting Fluids, Mold Release Oils, Antirust Oils & Fluids, Cooling Fluids, Defoamers, Dispersants, Releasing Agents, Wax Emulsion, Catalysts, Antirust Agents, Surfactant, Detergent, Polyether, Organosilicone, Bactericide, and Mildew Preventative Products; Cleaning Corollary Equipment)

Products’ Raw Materials

(Base Oils, Lubricant Additives)

Lubricant Systems & Related Equipment

(Lubricant System Design, Development, Maintenance & Environmental Protection Solutions)

Lubricant Related Production Facilities & Instruments

(Testing,quality control,recycling,assessment technology and equipment for lubricant product)


(Lubricant & Surface Cleaning Industry Related Human Resources & Consulting Services, Information & Media Services, Web Services)