This price index takes into account and covers VAT and GST factors
The figure above is a comparison of historical data to obtain China’s 150N (II) base oil price index curve, supplemented by the historical data curve changes of international crude oil WTI and China’s 0# diesel price for reference, so as to ensure the rationality and authority of the index
It is proposed to collect data based on the listed price of main production enterprises of 150N (II) base oil products in China
Corrected for the user’s minimum one tank vehicle volume price
The collection cycle is once every ten days (10 days)
This data is a price index and does not represent prices of producers
This price index is jointly supervised and released by Shanghai lubricating oil industry association, guangdong lubricating oil industry association, tianjin lubricating oil industry association, shandong lubricating oil industry association and fujian lubricating oil industry association.
Agree to hold a second meeting of major manufacturers 3 months after the operation of the index to collect Suggestions on the production of the price index and make further amendments. This price index particularly thanks to the strong support of Shanghai free trade and baichuan information.