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2015 International Fundamental Lubricant Training Courses


 "2015 International Fundamental Lubricant Training Courses" is jointly organized by Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers(STLE) and Intex Shanghai Co.,Ltd. during Inter Lubric China 2015.

     STLE is a world-class technology institute in tribology and lubrication engineering fields. It’s the first time for the training course introduced into China and six experts from global famous enterprises are invited to deliver the authoritative lubricant courses over topics including base oil,additive,lubricant grease,gear oils, synthetic oils and oil analysis.

    Delegates: lubricant products , basic oils, additives and oil detection and analysis companies.


 Course Contents

1.     Oil can talk Understand Your Oil Analysis Report

Speaker: Andrew Zeng

Title: Branch Manager of OELCHECK 


Good oil analysis is a powerful tool to help you optimize the lubrication management, improve the reliability and lower the cost. This presentation will discuss different test methods and how to understand the analysis result.

Speaker Profile:

Branch manager of OELCHECK CHINA, Senior Mechanical Engineer, 14 years working experience on oil analysis, leading researcher of a couple of provincial and municipal oil analysis key research projects. Published numerous technical articles and papers, and have been the speaker at international conference. Recognized young specialist of oil monitoring industry in China.


2.     Fundamental Lubricant Additives

SpeakerYuri Liu

Title: Lubrizol Technology Manager, Engine Oils


The training is designed to introduce the fundamental knowledge of lubricant additives. Nine major types of lubricant additives will be introduced, including detergent, dispersant, antioxidant, antiwear and extreme pressure agent, friction modifier, corrosion inhibitor, antifoam agent, viscosity modifier and pour point depressant. The introduction covers the concepts, structures, functions, and applications of each type of additive. PowerPoint slides with words and graphs will be used for the training session. After the session, audience is expected to understand more about the unique additives in lubricant formulations: why they are needed and how they work. The training would also help to identify the importance of additives in lubricant industry.

Speaker Profile:

Dr. Yutao Liu obtained Bachelor of Science majored in Polymer Science from Fudan University and Ph.D. majored in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering from National University of Singapore. Dr. Liu worked for General Electric in engineering plastics industry and 3M in traffic safety products industry previously. Dr. Liu joined in Lubrizol in 2013, and served as technology manager for passenger vehicle engine oils. His major responsibility is technical support and development of engine lubricant additive products. Dr. Liu has many years’ experience in research and application development of chemical and polymeric materials with dedication on meeting the actual needs of the market and customers.


3.     Introduction to Lubricant Base Oils

Speaker: Jerry Wang

Title: Technology Manager – China, Chevron Oronite LLC


§  Definition of Base Oil

§  Refining Processes

§  Types of Base Oils

§  Characteristics

§  API Base Stock CategoriesAPI

§  Performance Comparisons

§  Synthetics and Other Base Oils

Speaker Profile:


4.     Grease Basics

Speaker:  Li, Jingkun

Title: Team Lead, Grease Technology ,Shell (Shanghai) Technology Limited         


This one hour course is targeted to give attendees basic trainings in grease technology. The following sections will be covered:

1.    Introduction to lubricating grease

2.    Overview of grease types

3.    Grease manufacturing

4.    Grease testing

5.    Application of grease products

Speaker Profile:

Jingkun Li received his BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University in 1999, he also holds a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University. He joined Shell in 2007 and has taken various roles in lubricants. Currently Jingkun works at Shell Shanghai Technology Limited as Team Lead, Grease Technology.


5.       Synthetic Lubricants in Industrial Application

Speaker: Felix Feng Zhao

Title: Asia Pacific Equipment Builders Manager, ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd.


Synthetic base fluids major types, key properties. Comparison between

mineral oils and synthetic oils (PAO focused). Synthetic lubricant in industrial applications:lubrication principles, energy efficiency.

Speaker Profile:

Felix Joined ExxonMobil as Equipment Builder Engineer in May, 1998. In the following years, he moved to various jobs within ExxonMobil related to OEM/Equipment Builder technical Liaison, technical help desk, lubricant quality control and manufacturing, etc.He moved to current job in April, 2014, and is based in Shanghai.


6.     Basic Gear and Gear Lubrication

Speaker:Frost Jiang

Title: Castrol China Product Support Manager—HPL


Overview of gear system

Gear types/components

Gear specifications

Basic gear lubrication

Gear lubricants

Gear failure basics

Speaker Profile:

Frost Jiang worked in Castrol 10 years supported high performance lubricants and metalworking fluids, mainly focused on wind industrial, mining/cement industrial and auto industrial lubricants applications.


 Delegate Fee:

l  “2015 International Fundamental Lubricant Training Courses”:USD250/person

l  There will be2015 China International Lubricants, Base Oils & Additives Conferenceon November 10 :USD450/person

l  Conference+Training Course Package:USD600/person

Booking before Oct.15 may enjoy 10% off.

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