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OTV International GmbH &. CO. KG


OTV International GmbH &. CO. KG
----Participant Feture of Inter Lubric China 2013


OTV International GmbH &. CO. KG - Lubricants from Germany will greet the friends from China lubricants industry at Booth A48 on 14th International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition. 
When the company OTV International was launched, the successful development as the leading trading enterprise in this sector was not foreseeable.

Over the last years we OTV International earned an excellent reputation as a reliable supplier for lubricants. Whether in Russia, China, Africa, South America or anywhere else in the world, for their customers the name OTV International stands for quality products at reasonable prices. OTV International offers the customers a complete range of engine oils and other lubricants (e.g. transmission oil), directly from the car manufacturer or from world-wide leading brand manufacturers. For almost any engine OTV International offers the proper oil!

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