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PCAS ------ Participant Feture of Inter Lubric China 2013


PCAS ------ Participant Feture of Inter Lubric China 2013


PCAS—Participant Feture of Inter Lubric China 2013

PCAS ,French manufacturer of complex molecules with high added-value is going to participate 14th International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition during September 24-26.

PCAS is a technology oriented fine chemical group serving globally industrial customers since 1962.
Our Core expertise : Development of processes and production of complex molecules for Life Sciences and Specialty Chemicals Markets.
PCAS ensures Safety and Reliability with respect to regulations (sustainable development, ISO, GMP), and guarantees total confidentiality.
Its strengths lie in high reactivity, its sub-contracting flexibility and its customer-oriented service in assisting them into new markets at the forefront of Technology

Lubricants & Protection Additives activity
For 50 years, PCAS has been developing and producing performance chemicals for industrial lubricants industries. PCAS is primarily involved in the development and production of active ingredients (extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, calcium sulfonates, calcium carbonate sulfonates, emulsifier packages) which are added during the blending process to base oil to improve the final performance of formulations ultimately used in applications such as: 

● Metalworking (cutting oils, rolling oils, gear oils, Heat treatment oils, slideways oils,…) 
● Rust preventive additives (car body protection, paint maintenance, …) 
● Greases (Automotive bearings, Agricultural equipments, Marine decks, metal cables, Offshore drilling, Steel mills, paper mills, Mining equipment , Wire rope, open gears, …) 
● Hydraulic fluids

Besides, PCAS has experienced the privilege of partnering with large players as well as start-ups in the Lubricants & protection additives market.

PCAS has considered carefully its Supply Chain and leadtimes into China. PCAS offers a strategic stock of core additives in Shanghai area.

See and visit PCAS booth A14 during the 14th China International Lubricants & Technology Exhibition. Welcome to visit official website at .