Conference background

With the opening up of China in recent years and the successful convening of the China International Import Expo 2018, more and more imported lubricant brands are attracted to enter the Chinese market. These imported lubricant brands have different brand awareness and market share in the domestic market due to the different time of entering the Chinese market and different market strategies. Many imported lubricant brands are facing a lot of difficulties and challenges in exploring the Chinese market.
This Summit is aimed at effectively promoting the orderly and healthy development of imported lubricant channels. First of all, the international well-known standard certification agency of lubricant industry will introduce the quality certification standard of imported lubricant from a professional point of view, to truly show the real value of the brand quality of imported lubricating oil. At the same time, the Summit also invites international and domestic lubricant industry marketing and technical experts to share around the theme of the development trend of imported lubricant brand industry in China, and to analyze how imported lubricant brands meet the different needs of Chinese partners and consumers through accurate positioning and differential services and achieve remarkable results in China’s open and integrated market environment.

Conference Time and Venue

Evening Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on August 20, 2019
Awards Presentation and Appreciation Dinner: 6:00pm.-8:00pm.
Venue: Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou
Scale: 500 + participants
Participating industry: Imported Brand Manufacturers/Top 100 Chains in Automobile Maintenance/Lubricant Distribution Agents/Consulates in China/High-end Automobile Manufacturers’ Representatives
Form: Theme Sharing + Industry Forum + Trend Analysis + Channel Matchmaking + Selection and Award Presentation

Highlights of the meeting

The 20th China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition – Official Summit
The first summit of imported lubricant brands
500 + participants, covering a number of regional countries and brands
Exclusive forum + industry expert training system
Carefully selected brands and quality service matchmaking/300 + precise national agents + China Auto Service Chain Top 100 enterprises
Official participation of the world’s leading certification bodies European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA)/American Petroleum Institute (API)
New imported lubricant brand selection + high-profile award presentation dinner + industry mainstream media publicity
Summit information broadcast by global industry mainstream media

Guests to be invited

European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association
American Petroleum Institute (API)
Staff of consulates of EU countries
Representatives of high-end car OEM factories
Lubricant and automotive aftermarket experts
Entrepreneurs in the Chinese car repair industry
  • Zhou Dajun, Huasheng Car Repair Chain
  • Song Liejin, The Master Too Oil Change Service Chain
  • Guo Shuqing, Besoon Auto Maintenance Service Chain
  • Li Yuankun, Chairman of Lee’s Services
  • Tang Zhiyong, CEO of Sichuan Jingdian Auto Service Chain
Entrepreneurs from Chinese auto wearing parts and auto parts platform
  • Song Jibin, founder of ManCanDo Auto Parts
  • Guan Xiguang, founder of Homotor Auto Parts Chain
  • Ji Linmao, founder of Hangbang Auto Parts
  • Xu Xiangdong, Jiuyi Automotive
  • Jiang Yongxing, Cass Mall
  • Jiang Haitao, Car House CE


300+ lubricant dealers all over China
100+ imported lubricant brand manufacturers/China offices/imported brand China operation & trade
100+ Chairmans/General Managers/CEOs/main leaders of supply chain of China Top 100 Auto Service Chain Stores
Heads of more than 20 branches of TengFei enterprise information consulting and planning co., LTD
Excellent students of Global Study Tour of China Magic Cube Auto College
Senior technical & marketing experts in the lubricant industry